Ginny Coyles

I began playing canoe polo in West Cumbria, aged 11… Thirty-three years later, and I still can’t give it up!

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and was asked to join the top women’s team at the time – The Mutineers, who were the most passionate people about the sport that I could have met and a fantastic group of women players who gave me so many opportunities to play all over the world. I have also been very grateful to have had the opportunity to play in a number of men’s teams over the years, playing with some of the World’s top players. Although a real challenge, it has certainly helped me develop my playing skills immensely. For the past few years, I have been fortunate to be living back in Liverpool and proud to be a part of the FOA Liverpool club, a club whom I have been part of since my ‘youth’ competitions, but has been my home women’s team for over 15 years now.

Alongside club polo, I have had the chance to play at the highest level on a number of occasions, representing GB women (on and off!) since the women’s squad was first introduced in 1990. I have always enjoyed the challenge of playing against immensely strong and skilful opposition, and with some outstanding and dedicated teammates and coaches I have been lucky enough to be part of achieve some great successes:

World Games: Gold medal winner in 2009, silver medallist in 2005 and 2013

World Championships: 4 x gold, 5 x silver medallist

European Championships: 4 x gold, 2 x silver and 1 x bronze medallist


Throughout my whole playing career, Dave and DB Designs has been a phenomenal support through both coaching and equipment, and without question helped me reach many of these achievements. The Hydro is a real reflection of Dave’s long line of boats designed for the dynamic and agile player, and a new generation of boat that I’m very happy to be paddling!