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The hydro is the newest Polo Kaya in the DB Xclusive range. Years of experience, testing and development have led to the creation of our best Kayak yet, the DBXclusive Hydro.

Kayak Layups

£825.00 Diolin hull and deck with glass reinforcements this construction is designed for club use .

£ 1050.00 Carbon/ Kevlar Hull and deck with reinforcements this construction is for club paddlers who want to play and train hard in games .

£1200.00 Carbon /Kevlar plus this construction is the same as the carbon/ Kevlar but has another layer of Carbon /Kevlar in the deck this makes it a bit lighter and stronger to give you an edge in competitions.

£1325.00 the team Xtreme this is the lightest of  hand layup constructions we have taken out the heaver layers and replaced them with carbon reinforcements and carbon/ Kevlar , we start with the lightest of boats then then customise with you to make the boat to suit your needs by reinforcing where you want it and need it we also look at your last boat to see where the impact marks are and find out all about you for customer service .

£1450.00 The black this is made of Carbon / Aramid dyed black gives the effect of pure carbon but will take the impacts , we make this boat just as the Team Xtreme and customise it to your needs then vacuum Bag it with a foam spin this compresses the layers together and squeezes excess resin out making this boat and fantastic race machine customised to your needs .

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Carbon / Kevlar, Carbon / Kevlar Plus, Diolin, Team Xtreme, The Black