Bumper Fitting Guide

DBXclusive Bumper Fitting
Step 1
  • Glue the boat and bumper up, using a thin coat of glue on each
  • You need to glue up a bigger area of the boat than you think (the masking tape shows where this boat has been glued up too.)
  • Leave to dry for 3 hours minimum.
Step 2
  • Once the glue has dried heat the bumper up gently using a heat gun/ hair dryer
DBXclusive Bumper Fitting
Step 3
  • Now do the same on the boat making sure you are just warming the glue up.
  • Now you need to make sure the boat is solid as you are going to need to put a lot of pressure on it (best way is to get someone to hold it)
Step 4
  • You need to push one end of the bumper into the corner of the boat (in the direction of the arrow shown)
  • You need to make sure the bumper is put on evenly ( there should be the same amount of distance between the deck of the boat and the top of the bumper as there is between the hull of the boat and the bottom of the bumper)
Step 5
  • Now the bumper needs to be bent around the boat making sure you are still keeping the same distance between the bumper and the boat
  • Don’t worry if it’s only the middle of the bumper that’s sticking for now.
Step 6
  • When you get to this stage you need to put the other end of the bumper in place and then move back on yourself.
Step 7
  • It should now be looking something like this, the next step is to heat the edges of the bumper up gently, and then push the bumper down onto the boat.
  • (if it starts peeling up keep your finger on it for 10 seconds and if it still peels up just put a little bit of glue into the gap between the boat and bumper and leave to dry!!)
Step 8
  • Now the boat needs to be turned over and you need to repeat step 7.
Step 9.
  • The bumper is now stuck on and you are ready to go J

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