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DBX Pro Paddlers

Pru Blyth

Age : 22

Years Paddling : 11

Country : United Kingdom

Team : Women, Meridian Ladies, Catania Ladies, F.O.A Y (Div2 Open)

Favourite Product

Other than my new shiny boat, probably my vest deck. The decks are custom made for each individual paddler giving you a comfortable watertight seal, which is great for all those times spent upside down in the summer and even better in the winter as it doubles up as an extra layer for those frosty winter nights training!

Kayak Paddled

I have recently changed from the Flight lli which I have paddled since 2008 to the Air. Itís a fantastic boat and I believe it has improved my game considerably. I can turn effortlessly and quickly allowing me to punch and accelerate out of turns whilst still carrying the initial speed to go in for hard tackles and get underneath opponents boats and drive players. With reduced volume compared to the Flight lli at the ends of the boat, the smallest transitions of body weight really make the boat react giving you ultimate control.