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Fusion 7 7

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Fusion 7 7

This kayak has been designed on the feed back from the first fusion surf kayak ,We gave the fusion 77 more length to generate speed though the slower sections of the wave to make it a surf kayak that suits more surfing conditions and abilities.We softened the rails along the length of the 77 to make it more forgiving as you come down after smashing the lip. We designed the front slightly narrower so that you can make a tighter bottom turn to carry speed up to the lip.We have reduced the rail back 30cm from the front making the kayak less aggressive , the performance advantages are still fantastic and the result is a much faster kayak which pulls of all the difficult moves easily hits air like its a basic manoeuvre !!!

All our kayaks come with bumpers, footrests and seat fitted.

Glass Fibre and Kevlar carbon


Full carbon Kevlar (vac bag hull)


Foam core carbon Kevlar


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