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Flight 2i Plus

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Flight 2i Plus

This is the latest of the dbxclusive range of integral boats. The volume under the seat in the Plus has been increased in order to lift the paddler up in the water, this allows the boat to make full use of the progressive rocker in the hull. We have also increased the volume around the sides of the cockpit area to give paddlers more room for their knees. This in turn has led to an increase in the volume pod behind the seat which gives a good volume push when coming out of a spin turn. The forward speed is still fast and the pick up is explosive due to the progressive rocker. As with both of our other integral designs it is incredibly responsive. This boat is aimed at the larger paddler up to approximately 95kg. It is designed for the international paddlers who play for their national teams and train with weights , therefore becoming larger in body. The Plus will also take the lighter paddler who prefers the comfort a larger volume boat provides, whilst still remaining very responsive on the turns and when dipping the nose. It also gives you the choice of turning on top of the water as well as under the water. In order for rules and regulations to be incorporated into the design we had to remove volume from the front. This has given us a boat that is incredibly agile and very responsive in a 3 dimensional way. Not only does it spin fast but the front and back end of the boat are controlled by very small movements from the body. Just dropping your head forwards towards deck makes the nose react .

All our kayaks come with bumpers, footrests and seat fitted.


This boat is designed for clubs and individuals who want to buy an economical boat with a composite performance Construction is a mix of diolin and glass with reinforcements where necessary.
£ 825.00

Carbon Kevlar

The standard boat lay up with glass reinforcements, includes internal and external kevlar seams, foot rest, seat and bumpers all fitted. This boat is designed for top club players
£ 940.00

Team Xclusive

Full carbon kevlar lay up with carbon reinforcements, internal and external kevlar seams and extra carbon kevlar reinforcement. Also includes foot rest, seat and bumpers all fitted. This boat is designed for international players.
£ 1050

Team Xtreme

This construction was designed for our sponsored paddlers. It is a full race boat for world championship competitions. With this construction we will work with you to fully customise this boat to your needs, with extra carbon and carbon kevlar reinforcments to be placed anywhere in the hull or deck to maximise the performance of your boat
£ 1325

The Black

This construction is the same as the Team Xtreme but is made from our new carbon hybrid material.
£ 1400

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